Two postdoctoral positions in soft matter/biophysics theory at Univ. of California, Merced

Apertura: 21/01/2019 | Cierre: 01/05/2019

Publicada por: Jose Antonio

Dear Colleagues:
This is a reminder that we have openings for two postdoctoral positions in theoretical soft matter and biological physics, in our research groups at the University of California, Merced, Department of Physics. We invite applications from outstanding candidates with a record of independent research, a background in statistical physics, soft condensed matter, or biological physics, and strong computational and analytical skills. We would appreciate it if you could forward this message to any suitable candidates.
The primary topics of research for the two positions are:
1. Simulations and continuum theories of active liquid crystals, with a focus on topological defects, chaotic flow fields, pattern formation, and rheology. This position is to work primarily with Daniel Beller. Other interests of this PI include population dynamics and elasticity-mediated self-assembly in soft matter.
2. Simulations and continuum theories of biological active matter, including cell and tissue mechanics, complex and adaptive matter of biological origin such as cytoskeletal and extra-cellular proteins, and mechano-chemical modeling of experiments in biophysics and cell biology. This position is to work primarily with Kinjal Dasbiswas. Other interests of this PI include liquid crystals, charged colloids and topological mechanics.
The successful candidates will join a vibrant and collaborative community of theoretical biophysics/soft matter research groups, and will have ample opportunities to also collaborate with Professors Ajay Gopinathan and Kevin Mitchell. Working at UC Merced will afford opportunities to work closely with experimental groups in biological and soft matter physics, including the labs of Professors Linda Hirst, Dustin Kleckner, Bin Liu, and Jing Xu, as well as those with related interests in the Department of Chemistry and the School of Engineering.
To apply for one of these positions, interested applicants should submit a cover letter, C.V., and list of three references at Both positions can start as early as summer 2019 and are for one year, with the possibility of renewal based on availability of funding, ongoing operational needs and satisfactory performance. Applicants may optionally list a preference between the two research topics above.
Thank you for circulating this announcement.
Daniel Beller


Kinjal Dasbiswas


Department of Physics

University of California, Merced

Many thanks,